Broiler Feed

Enpro Broiler Pre-starter

Balanced nutritive  chick feed with uniform crumble with as good as baby care (0 to 10 days).


Enpro Broiler Starter

Energy, protein and amino acid balanced crumble feed to avoid variation of growth in flock and maintain uniformity (11 to 28 days).


Enpro Broiler Finisher

Balanced with all macro and micro component of nutritive needs to exploit the genetic potential of the broiler in finisher stage. Our product is known for uniform pellet size. (29 to 42 days).


Benefits of Enpro Broiler Feed

  • Improved Feed Conversion Ratio ( FCR )
  • Increased Weight gain
  • Reduced mortality rate
  • Reduced Pathogen loads
  • Better digestibility


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