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Feed Mill Management     

As the world population is growing every year, there is more demand for food. To meet these demands a variety of nutritious food is sold in the markets globally. Chicken is one of the most consumed meats in the world. It is used in making numerous dishes. Demand for healthy chicken and eggs keeps increasing throughout the world. Poultry feed production has also increased to make healthy poultry feed available to the chickens due to which 47% of the total feed produced in the world is the poultry feed.

The poultry feed mill plant makes and supplies food products for chickens, of the domestic birds. With the rise of the farming industry, farmers became aware of the fact that those forages were not enough to give proper nutrients to the flocks. With realization requirements of quality & healthy feed increased .We have set up world clean feed Feed mills using modern technical machine & equipments.

Contract Broiler Farming  

With independent broiler farming concepts, the sector has moved into a well organized network of integrated farming also know as contract farming.

Broiler Production has been shifted from independent farming to contract framing during the late nineties as poultry farmers were witnessing continuous losses due to increased cost of production, erratic market and process and many farmers closed down their operations for want of working capital.

Breeder Management     

Broiler breeder genetics are constantly changing as the poultry industry continues to shift more to processed items to meet increasing consumer demands for these products. Strains with the potential for high breast-meat yield in a feed-efficient manner now have the majority of the US market. Genetic improvement over the past 50 years has been nothing short of remarkable.

HatchTech has developed a control system that monitors and displays all the crucial performance parameters of the HatchTech equipment in your hatchery and brooding facility, and gives you complete control over every aspect of your daily operations. It also helps you in analysing and improving the performance of your equipment and – what’s more – lets you do all this from any location in the world.

However, this efficient growth and high meat yield in the broiler means that a lot is demanded of broiler breeders. Unfortunately, efficient growth in the broiler and reproductive fitness

Hatchery Management       

Besides setters and hatchers, every hatchery has additional equipment for cooling, heating and ventilation. These systems have to work in close harmony with each other to create the perfect environmental conditions necessary to deliver optimal quantity and quality in terms of production.

The HatchTech Management System uses information from the equipment’s local controllers to run comprehensive analyses to identify the most energy-efficient configurations for cooling and heating.