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Enpro Broiler Pre –Starter
Balanced with chick feed with uniform crumble with as good as baby care ( 0 TO 10) days.

Enpro Broiler Starter
Energy, Protein and amino acid balanced crumble feed to avoid variation of growth in flock and maintain uniformity (11 to 28 days)

Enpro Broiler Finisher
Balanced with all macro and micro component of nutritive needs to exploit the genetic Potential of the broiler in finisher stage .Our product is known for uniform pellet size. (29 to 42 days)

Benefits of Enpro Broiler Feed
1) Improved Feed conversion ratio.
2) Increased weight gain
3) Reduced mortality rate
4) Reduced pathogen loads
5) Better digestibility


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Chick Crumb (0-8 weeks)
Initiation of skeleton and muscles development hence formation of building blocks take Place at this stage. The vital nutritional requirement include amino acid minerals Vitamins, immunity, modulators etc. Their requirement is fairly high at this stage.

Grower Mash /Crumbs (9-16 weeks)
The process of continuation of skeleton and muscles development continuous at this Stage. The vital nutritional requirements continue to be the same but in varying Proportion. Unlike the previous stage in this phase amino acid requirement is low and So also in energy requirement. Likewise requirement of calcium and phosphorus is their but at moderate level.

Pre Layer (17-19 weeks)
It is that stage of the bird where it is groomed for the egg laying stage. The vital nutritional Requirements continue to be the same amino acid requirements start increasing back again along with calcium and energy requirement. However phosphorus requirement continues to decrease.

Phase I, II & III (20-72 weeks)
The stage is now set for initiation of laying of eggs with phase I (20-40 weeks) followed by Phase II (41-60 weeks) and phase III (61 weeks to liquidation ) In line with Pre Lay stage Calcium requirement continues to increase her. At that same time amino acids phosphorus And energy requirement begin to decline.

Layer Concentrate – 35% (9-72 weeks)
The farmer can use to layer concentrate – 35% instead of ready feed by mixing with maize De-oiled Rice Bran and shell grits as per requirement. Several ingredients in the feed such Amino acid , immune – modulators, vitamins, minerals, etc. As required in extremely low Quantity but are very critical for the bird. Our local team member will glad to discuss about the product offering and proportion of mixing of balance ingredients.


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Attract Chick Feed for Broiler, Layer and Breeder
We are in the process of launching ATTRACT – well suited feed for chicks. Attract would be manufactured from highly digestible ingredients and relevant vitamins, minerals and other feed supplements. The feed would be presented in the best possible absorbable form.

Benefits of Attract Chick Feed
Improved immunity at early / vital stage of chick